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Thread: Domokun is coming!

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    Default Domokun is coming!

    Just received my HVL F58AM hotshoe flash in the mail a day back, so was playing with the wireless flash system. kinda awesome i must say.

    Thanks for looking!

    Look out: Domokun's coming!



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    Default Re: Domokun is coming!

    go get a white umbrella from Daiso
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    Default Re: Domokun is coming!

    try to reduce the harsh shadow....

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    Default Re: Domokun is coming!

    big harsh epic shadows for big domokun effect not good? D:

    but yea i have a question at the same time: because sony's flash uses line-of-sight IR to trigger, is there a big difference using a softbox like this:

    and this:

    to prevent blocking the IR receiver?

    or... is this viable for budget/lightweight/minimalist off camera flash?

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