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Thread: shopping for photofast Cf card

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    Default shopping for photofast Cf card

    Hi - anyone shop for Cf card 'photofast? pls share info on shops that stock this brand

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    Default Re: shopping for photofast Cf card

    Be careful with cheap cards of funky brands. We see most calls for "Help, cannot access my pictures on memory card!" by people using some cheap brands. Using Sandisk and never had any issue. Also note that cheap card readers tend to give troubles. Get a card reader together with the card. Will also result in good transfer speed.

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    Default Re: shopping for photofast Cf card

    Thanks bro fr your insight on Cf cards - its really good that Cs gives good infos on photography thru their forums...RRS:
    this is a very good review and you can make your choice base on your equipement.

    anyone on shops stocking 'PhotoFast'?

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