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Thread: Unable to view photo taken by DSLR from PC

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    Default Unable to view photo taken by DSLR from PC

    Hi All, recently my brother upgraded some parts of the computer and i realised that i am unable to view some photos from my external harddisk. even when i d/l new photos from my DSLR and tried viewing it, it says: Nero BackITup (encrypted files). never had this problem before. most of the pic are taken Raw. please kindly help. i'm not really IT savvy.. thank you.

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    Default Re: Unable to view photo taken by DSLR from PC

    I suspect you are using window picture and fax viewer, or photo gallery, these programm unable to view raw format unless you download plugin for viewing raw file, why don't use use viewNX2 than come with your camera?
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    Default Re: Unable to view photo taken by DSLR from PC

    It seems your brother installed Nero and it reassigned files with extension .NEF to Nero. You could reverse this by doing right-click on such image file, then select 'Properties' and change the "Open with.." setting to point to Image viewer. That's the default in Windows. But I second catchlights' suggestion of installing ViewNX2. Reason: Windows Image viewer is 1) a 'colour-blind' program that ignores embedded colur profiles; 2) only shows the embedded jpg file, but not the content of the RAW file.
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