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    sorry if i ask this question in the wrong section but is there any camera shops who buy in cameras? i got a cannon powershot g12 from a lucky draw and wanted to sell it but like not many responses.. i am also not into photography so i have no use for the camera...

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    There are several shops at Peninsula, Colemen street. You can pay a visit there and enquire from. Find out what is the street price of the camera and probably these shops will take in half price or less. I think it better to use it first for few months before selling as selling it new, you will get half price or lesser. You can also sell in Buy & sell section of clubsnap and quote your own price.

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    2nd hand camera shops at Funan/Peninsula area will normally quote you a low price cos they(The shop) needs to earn too.So i suggest you sell it in B&S here...


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