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Thread: LCD output to TV?

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    Default LCD output to TV?

    Hi all, i just tot of something, is it possible ?

    I know there are several models that can ouput pictures, videos to TV, eg s602z which i desire to get..

    because it doesn't have a flip LCD like the G2, is it possible ? i hook up the 602 to the tv so i can view whatever the camera is aiming at, on the tv.

    like this i can point the camera at myself and still be able to see whether the shot is framed properly.. probably with a remote i can take pictures of myself ?

    what sort of equipment (wires etc) do I need? where to get them ?

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    Default CCD and infra red diodes

    infra red diodes shows up as flashing white dots on a CCD.....if i am not wrong it works the same way as the if you're going to shoot with an infra red remote, make sure not to let the ccd see the remote.


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