A local 2nd-hand camera shop (let's call it Shop X) was selling a used ACER notebook on eBay 2 weeks ago. All was going well and the high bid went as high as US$800. Then came a local bidder who placed a very high bid (something above US$900) just 1 day before closing. DONG, auction ended. The local higher bidder turned out to be a non-payer!!

Shop X relisted the notebook but apparently pissed. So, at the end of his eBay ad, he added the folllowing lines, which I found quite hilarious :

"Please, do not bid if you are not fully committed to purchase this item! ...Bidders who knew before hand they will meet an accident or have to pay for someone's hospital bills only after winning the auction,PLEASE do not bid. Serious bidders only please.Non paying bidders will be reported to ebay "
(I know he copied it from somewhere but still )

Shop X would have had given a negative feedback to the non-payer if not for the fear of getting a retaliatory one back. Well, that's the sad part about dealing with 0 feedback bidders

Let's hope he has more luck the second round...