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Thread: using ps cs to do border

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    Default using ps cs to do border

    lets say i have some photos.
    all are in 3:2 aspect ratio
    all are same dpi
    however, all have different dimensions (ie 1 photo is 3000px X 2000px, another is 1800px X 1200px etc)

    i want to make an action to make a border for all photos
    so, how can i configure the action in such a way that all borders will be of same size when printed in 4R?
    ie, how do i make thicker border for larger photo, thinner border for smaller photo such that when scaled down to 4R, all borders are of same size

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    Rather than a thicker border, you may want to try putting them on a background image -- this will create the effect of "matting" rather than using a huge border. With the same border on all pics, they may look better.

    Just my $0.02 USD.


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    i don't really get what you mean. can explain a little more in detail?


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