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Thread: Olympus EPL-2 or Canon 550D

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    Unhappy Olympus EPL-2 or Canon 550D

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about these two cameras lately. I know they are of different standards but I'm new at photography and really can't make up my mind which I would like to buy. Of course I've been psycho-ed into thinking that the EPL-2 is better than the 550d, but I've been using my friend's canon and I'm afraid I wont be able to learn the Olympus in time for my holiday (next week). But then the thought of lugging such a "bulky" camera (550d) around is scary.

    I don't want to seem like every other kid on the street with a DSLR thats why I thought of getting the EPL-2 cuz its cheaper (two lens for $1300+) instead of one lens for $1300+ (550d)

    PLEASE HELP ME! advice me, argue with me, just help me make up my mind!!

    Thank you in advance lovelies!

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    Default Re: Olympus EPL-2 or Canon 550D

    We have a sticky called "FAQ: What DSLR to buy?". Please read it, it gives advice about how to make the choice.

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    Default Re: Olympus EPL-2 or Canon 550D

    Seems like you've got pretty much your answer, does image quality matter to you a lot? If the answer is no, probably you won't bother so much about quality, it seems to me you're more concerned with weight and portability. The PEN, like the 550D, I believe both can set settings from the camera quite easily, the PEN is smaller which would probably be a lot better. No need to rush to learn, you can just use iAuto mode. The PEN is more of a fun camera in the end especially with the art filters, not sure if the 550D has something similar, but again, seems like weight and size is more or a concern for you
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