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    Quote Originally Posted by allenleonhart View Post
    second this. even previous thread i also dunno what to guess
    Be patient bro. One clue at a time and must let go slowly (just like the afternooon 93.8 radio show). If no one still get it right, surely at a point of time I have to say its a song title mah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaren View Post
    the song title did not change. it was "candle in the wind" both in 1973 and 1997.

    only the lyrics changed. in 1973 it was "goodbye, norma jean..."

    in 1997, "goodbye, england's rose...."
    You're right. Song title remains as "Candle in the wind" So no credit to ahbian. Ha ha.

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    this is fast.... i was thinking of some play or musical after seeing the picture... sadly someone got it... bravo there

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    Had another closer look at the pic. The smoke trail..the 3rd and 4th trailing upwards while the rest trailing towards the left. If wind blowing from the right..the smoke should all trail to the left..
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    thriead close

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