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Thread: Lexar 80X "2nd Edition"

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    Default Lexar 80X "2nd Edition"

    Looks like the Lexar 80X has another version coming out.......faster than the current 1st Edition 80X cards now out on the market.

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    Yup, i tested the 80X Lexars side by side with my Ultra II (supposedly only 60X) on my D70, the Lexars got only around 13-14 frames @ 3fps compared to 19-20 frames @ 3fps for the Ultra IIs.

    No wonder there are so many people selling the 80x Lexars nowadays in b&s. Cannot perform up to task. Luckily did not buy them, now awaiting the 2nd batch for tests as i need more storage.

    But surprisingly, the 2nd batch of speedier Lexar 80X still only perform below or slightly exceed the 60x Ultra IIs.
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