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Thread: Which lens to bring?

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    Default Which lens to bring?

    hi all,
    Do you think i should bring my Fa77mm on vacation to HK? Or just 16-50mm good enough? Prefer to travel on light as i bought my flash n tripod along.

    Was thinking of getting some camera stuff in HK. anyone can recomend where to get Pentax stuff there? Worth getting there compare to SG?
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    i personally do think that a travel lens , say tamron 18-200 + a prime say 35mm f2.4 , would do great for traveling purpose ..
    bringing 77 mm alone is rather too narrow for many purposes and 16-50 is definitely a better choice !

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    Default Re: Which lens to bring?

    An all-in-one lens, say 18-200 or 18-135.

    Or at least a wide-angle prime and a telephoto prime (my preference), if you can take your own sweet time to shoot.

    If you only have those 2 lenses, take the 18-50 if you can only bring one lens.

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    Default Re: Which lens to bring?

    HK is a place where you definitely need a wide-angle so that 16-50mm is good.

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    Default Re: Which lens to bring?

    16-50 ftw!

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    DA*16-50 will be more useful.
    77mm is too tight as a do all lens.

    Sigma stuff is much cheaper there. Usually by ~$150-200
    AFAIK, Pentax stuff is comparable in price only (if not higher).
    Tin Chueng is the one most ppl go to. There are others. Do a forum search, its been asked quite a few times on CS

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    Default Re: Which lens to bring?

    Definitely bring the 16-50, but if you know what you want to shoot with the 77, I'd say just bring it since it's not very big or heavy.

    Other than Tin Cheung, in the Mongkok area you can look for Man Sheng and Wing Sheng. Pentax stuff can be cheaper if you buy grey sets ("water goods"), when they quote you a price, you can check with them.
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    Thank q all, i just bring 16-50mm there is enough. Dont think i will be using the 77mm if i will bring it there. I guess pentax in singapore are cheaper too..
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