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    What's a good price for a used but relatively unused d90 plus kit lens? I'm new to dslr but have used nikon film slr before (a long time ago), so am quite comfortable with it's functions and interface.

    Am debating if I should save up for an fx model or start off with this. Those of you with experience using dx or fx models, appreciate if you share your views...


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    Having came from similar Film SLR experience as you (although maybe different), I find DSLRs a bit more complicated with regards to the many interfaces it presents. There are a lot of settings you'll need to understand and get familiarised with. It is a bit of a learning curve if you start of with a D90, and a whole lot bigger if you start off with a Full Frame like D700 onwards. My advice would be to venture down to the Nikon Service Center to test the various models yourself. You'll know which model fits you best.

    I'm using a D90 now... some of the finer settings I've yet fully understand...

    Used price is somewhere around 1050 to 1150 depending on age of the cam....
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    Hi kriegsketten,
    Thanks for the advice. I'm surprised to hear of the used d90 prices, I read here that the price for new d90 kit as $919?? Have a look here:

    Is that right??

    In any case do u find the dx sensor much of a limitation in terms of the results you achieve?


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