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Thread: Hipstamatic Effect

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    Default Hipstamatic Effect

    Hi everyone,

    I saw some pictures taken through the Iphone with the hipstamatic effect. They are very nice.

    (1) Do you know how it can be replicated in Photoshop or where can I get some free photoshop actions to get the same effect?

    (2) Where can I get those frames for the photographs?

    (3) What shots are suitable for the hipstamatic effect?

    (4) Can you post some of your beautiful shots?


    To look at some of the photographs, here's the link;

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    Default Re: Hipstamatic Effect

    this has noting to do with Canon, thread moved to Digital Darkroom.

    btw, since you able to find it from the flickr, I'm sure you able to find the rest of answers within flickr as well.
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