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Thread: SUN 27th FEB - Angel in BFT

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    Default SUN 27th FEB - Angel in BFT

    Enchanted Moments




    Bf's Tees Themed Shoot


    Venue: Indoor, RWS

    Date & Time: Feb 27th Sunday. Session 1: 1400 to 1600
    Session 2: 1700 to 1900

    Theme: Boyfriend Tee

    Ratio: 6 to 1

    Cost: $75 Only!

    All is welcome, light refreshments will be provided.

    Other Information:

    • Book early to confirm your place

    • Advance payment is required

    • Light refreshments will be provided

    • Prepare your equipment

    • All photographers of all skill level is welcome !!

    • Max photographers is 6.

    • Payment details will be passed by sms and email

    to sign up email to

    or sms to 97502398!

    It will be a fun and interesting shoot, add something special into your portfolio!!

    Or click here to register !!

    alternatively you may pm us at clubsnap

    Thank you for your support!!

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    Default Re: SUN 27th FEB - Angel in BFT

    Indoor Hotel Shoot - 6 photographers per session

    Light refreshments will be provided.
    Eaxact hotel and other information will be released when comfirm, only to participants.

    Session 1 (1400 to 1600)

    Session 2 (1700 to 1900)

    SMS to 97502398 or email to now for payment information.
    Secure your place now!!

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    Default Re: SUN 27th FEB - Angel in BFT

    Support Angel Now!!
    Here are some other photos of her!!

    Thanks to all photographers for the stunning photos!!

    Add Angel into your portfolio with a great classy setting in a undistrubed enviroment. You will have every moment to interact with our experienced model !!


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