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Thread: Help ? Where can I go and bind my project report ?

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    Default Help ? Where can I go and bind my project report ?

    Hi ppl

    Pls let me know where can I bind my project report (about 10K pages)
    I need to get it bind by friday afternoon .

    Be4 Queenway, where else ?

    Can someone help me ?

    Thanks a million !

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    braz bazah .....

    me believe some of the shopz at the ground floor do hard - cover binding .....

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    but how long will they take ?

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    hmmm ..... not sure leh .....

    think u may need to go n azk them urzelf .....

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    reyon, i've just had a bad experience trying to find fast and reasonably priced hard-cover binding. since i felt it wasn't convenient to go to queensway shopping centre, i wanted to look for alternatives. i asked for advice from people, got certain suggestions, and went on a wild goose chase (nus, upper serangoon road shopping centre, marine crescent, and almost p centre). what i found was that people will try to make you pay much more if you want it urgent. the only best and safest place is still queensway shopping centre. even though they charge higher for fast service, their price is still cheaper than some of the "7 working day" service others offer. and they have a price chart showing different prices for different service speeds, so i know i am not being overcharged unreasonably. my earnest advice for you is to just go to queensway. it will be worth it. i was lazy, and in the end had to spend more effort. just wanted to share with you... i learnt it the hard way, hope it doesn't happen to you.

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    THanks man
    But I have no choice
    My team can only finish by friday morning
    so we only can bind in the friday morning (very stress now )

    Bet will see many course mates in queenway.
    sure have to queue with them.

    Big headache !!

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    ot a bit. how high is 10k pages stacked?

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    about the length of canon 50 mm 1.8 with covers :P
    about 8 cm thick

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    Take a picture with ur 50 f/1.8 by the side after u had it!!

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    wow... tt is real thick. how much $$ did u spend printing man...
    btw, ot again. haha... is it your uni fyp?

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    ya loh ... Uni FYP.


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    Quote Originally Posted by frcfyp
    ... the only best and safest place is still queensway shopping centre... my earnest advice for you is to just go to queensway. it will be worth it. i was lazy, and in the end had to spend more effort...
    hi reyon,

    totally agree with frcfyp. though qw might seem a little more ex, i think that it's well worth the effort and the little additional $$ to get done right the first time, esp considering the size of your project... these guys are good.

    further, while you're there, you can go check out some soccers boots and sports equipment (my other hobbie... checking out sports equipement hahaha)

    best of luck with your report... and pls post the pic of the 50mmf1.8 with your project once done!!!

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    bachelor, masters or doctorate?

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    fyp - Final Year Report - Bachelor degree
    masters' & PhD do thesis or dissertation.

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    campus should provide such service, dun they? at the photocopying place....

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    10k pages..... omg... fainting... 150 pages for me already is hell liao lehz...faint..

    MedIC ~~ MedIC~~ sOlDiEr dOWn !!

    AhhHH... hEaD PAin pAin... 10K pAgEs... soOOO mUCh !! fAInt..

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    there is also some big photocopying shops at Bukit Timah Plaza. 1st storey at the corner

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    Thanks guys !!
    I have no choice but to ring bind my report in 2 parts

    hopefully won't - point

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    10,000 pages??? Don't you mean 1,000?

    One ream of 500pc paper is already about 5 cm thick.

    20 reams of paper (10,000pc) will be 1m thick....

    One reliable and quite friendly shop I know is in Bras Basah named "Conda".
    It's at the ground floor and near to the cheena shop that sells table tennis stuff. Personal experience is good and fast service. I had done proper stitch binding, which will result in your project looking like a real book. Cost about $7-8 depending on the quantity and urgency.

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    Thanks feryl.

    Too late liao
    already submitted

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