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    Hi guy,

    When transferring photo into my laptop i notice after clicking onto the main folder, there r 2 sub folder which appear. There should be only i folder right? After which i went to check on the camera photo, i notice the first 999 photo was name under 100NCD90 the next 100 was name under 101NCD90.

    Appreciate all advise. Thanks alot.

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    It's normal. The file naming covention is also described in your camera manual

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    i assume you're a D90 user from the folder name. if you set your file numbering sequence to "on", the cam will create another folder once you've reached your first 9999 photos in the first folder. incidentally, this info is in your manual, p182; d7:file number sequence.
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    Thanks alot bro. Will do a check on the manual.


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