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Thread: What program to set picture for Printing?

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    Default What program to set picture for Printing?

    What can we use? Usually I use words and insert pictures. what progame can we use actually? So that we can print what we want and not off margins.

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    Moving this to Technical Discussions.

    If you are using WinXP, just use windows explorer, go to the directory where your pictures are, CTRL-select the pictures you want to print, then select File>Print.

    The Photo Print Wizard will be activated, and it will take care of layout and sizing for you. The layout feature is quite limited, but should serve the purpose if you are just printing standard layout, such as 1X8R, 2X5R or 4X3R on a single A4 page. That should save you the trouble of pasting your pictures in word.

    Third party softwares are available. One called Qimage has been highly rated by dpreview members. It is a shareware, and the registration fee is US$35. You can download the free demo to try out. Go to dpreview, printing and sharing forum, do a search on "Qimage" and you will find the address to download.
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