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Thread: Does Emjay repair lenses?

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    Default Does Emjay repair lenses?

    Hello everyone, I will be visiting Singapore soon and would like to have a couple of lenses repaired. I saw in some threads here that most guys send their equipment to this Emjay company for repair. Is Emjay an official Pentax service center that perform lens repairs or do they just send the lens to Japan? My lens have this wobble that I would like to be checked out, but I wont be in Singapore for long so I can't wait if it will be sent to Japan. Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Does Emjay repair lenses?

    It will be sent back to Japan

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    It depends on the problem and brand of your lenses. If it's not a big problem, Emjay sure can try to repair. I know guys even had the lens barrel changed there, but need to order a new barrel from Japan though.

    But Kevin (emjay service guy) is pretty busy, don't know if he got time to fix your lens in time though.

    Good luck.

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    Are they manual lenses? If yes, can try The Camera Workshop at Excelsior opposite where Emjay's building is. You can discuss with them on earlier target date.

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    It's my DA21. I dropped it face-first onto a carpet floor. It's still working perfect, but there's some wobble on the lens barrel that i didn't notice before. It's not much but I'd rather have it checked before it gets worse.
    I'll give Emjay a quick visit when i'm there. Hopefully it's just tightening of some screws. Many thanks for the advise. Cheers.


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