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Thread: Advise for Cast/Publicity Photography

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    Default Advise for Cast/Publicity Photography

    Hi guys, asking for some advice here.

    I am taking part in a workshop in which Amateur Theatre afficionados will be working together to put up a performance. However, as we have close to NO budget (we do not belong to any theatre group or sorts) we have to cut corners here and there and try to do things ourselves.

    Now problem. I have never done ANY form of serious portraiture/studio photography and definitely never touched theatre cast/publicity photography, so I would definitely appreciate and advice you guys can give.

    How/where should these photos be taken?

    Or save everyone the hassle and try to put up the budget for a 'pro'? (unlikely as we have a lot of things to pay for on a very small budget )

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    You don't necessarily need a studio, especially if you have a theatre space with different lights. To see what can be achieved take a look in my gallery, you'll find some shots I did to advertise A Midsummer Night's Dream, a school production that was on at the Esplanade Theatre Studio.

    Also did the programme using limited lighting and a Nikon 5700. If you'd like to see, could arrange to meet and talk more about it. Would like to help out if I can.

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    Think OUTTA DA BOX! mE8!

    Afterall, the World's your Stage; the Theatre a Studio and PhotoShop, your Canvass!

    Have fun and explore!


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