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Thread: Which Fisheye Lens to use? 16mm,15mm???

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    Default Which Fisheye Lens to use? 16mm,15mm???

    I'm just wondering what's the difference of a 16mm and a 15 mm fisheye lens. I understand a 15mm lens is more expensive so it must mean that the 15mm can do something better than the 16mm but what? Can anyone help? How about Sigma's 16mm f2.8 fisheye lens? Any comments?


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    Erm, a 15mm fisheye is wider?

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    1 degree makes alot of difference for wide angles.

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    No difference. As long as they are Full Frame (FF) fisheyes, they will both give 180 degree diagonal field of view (FOV) approximately.

    For non-fisheye lenses however, FOV is a function of focal length, so every mm reduction gives a wider field of view.

    Are you sure about using the Sigma 16mm fisheye? It's a very old lens circa 1980s, and MF only. The current model is the Sigma 15mm fisheye for AF cameras.
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