hi have any of you film users tried printing up to super 8R size from CD of your scanned negatives from the colour lab? usually they charge about $6-$12 per roll per CD when you process your film there. you can choose to scan in TIFF or JPEG format. i was rather disappointed today when i digitally enhanced the colour of the scanned image and sent it in for a super 8R enlargement. the quality was a far cry from if i had printed straight from the negs. my scanned image from the lab was TIFF format. when i view the file at 100% in photoshop, i see lots of dots/grain that are not apparent before on other rolls where i scanned in JPG format. the dots/grain appear vividly when printed to 8R size. has anyone had this problem?

what is the best way (hopefully cheap way!) then for me to get a high resolution (quality as good as if printed from the negative) soft copy of my photo so that i can do digital enhancement before sending to the lab for enlargement?

please help thanks!