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    Smile Please help

    Hello everyone,

    Please do take a look at the photos I uploaded in the EOS academy student photography contest

    Please search me at Chui Marcus under the search tab

    Please give me critique, and how I can improve my photos. I doubt I would be able to win, the competition's winner is decided via voting :/ Do support me by voting if you like the photos

    Taken using Sony A200 with kit lens 18-70mm.

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    This forum has a "critique corner" for a good reason. And you can also postpictures in the correct gallery sections

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    Default Re: Please help

    As Rashkae mention this is the wrong place to ask for critique.

    Some comments, "Love" is someone who care or show interest to another person, is a feeling, in writing, in action and etc. When people see the picture can connect it to love.

    Example as follow:

    A Loving Mother at Chingay 2011

    Hope this will help.

    Canon 5D II, 20-35 f/2.8L, 28-80 f/2.8L, 70-200 f/4L IS, 100-300 f/5.6L, 100 f/2.8 Macro


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