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    Default Photoshop fill flash

    Here a technique the photo-shop guy (No pun intended ) at Memories taught me to brighten up dark areas in your pic. A more controlled (non-destructive) form of adjustments->brightness

    1) Press Ctrl+Alt+Tilde to select the highlight portions of your picture
    2) Select->Inverse
    3) Edit->Copy
    4) Layer->New->layer
    5) Edit Paste
    6) Under layers change type to screen and adjust Opacity to get a realistic look

    Example : Before


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    If you use photoshop cs... use the Shadows/Highlights feature to get this done in 1 simple step.

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    er i think your title should not be fill flash... its misleading.

    fill flash is used in the day time or when key light is enough... it is to FILL up shadows caused by the harsh key light...

    what you are doing is simply a more controlled manner of brightening up the picture.... this is not FILL flash...


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