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Thread: HP webOS Think Beyond Event

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    Default HP webOS Think Beyond Event

    Enjoy !

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    am i the only one who watched this video from beginning to the end? not really that long, only 1hr and 49 mins.

    2 features i am amaze :

    a: touch - stone technology(synchronize devices without any wire.)
    b: can open multiple email accounts on a single screen
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    Default Re: HP webOS Think Beyond Event

    I think most people don't know webOS so they don't care.

    I didn't watch the video, but I've been following what's been happening, as I do some development on several platforms. webOS is really creative but it needed better hardware.

    The newest devices show a lot of promise and current users want new hardware. If they'd had something good available when I was looking for a phone, I probably wouldn't be using an Android-based phone now.

    I'll probably buy a webOS-based tablet, if the price isn't horrendous.


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