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Thread: Qn for RAW shooters...

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    Quote Originally Posted by twiki
    Dear 10D owners,

    For now, it seems that our only no-cost option is Canon's FVU (File Viewer Utility), since DPP (Digital Photo Professional) doesn't currently support the 10D.
    However, just sit tight, as it appears that it will include the 10D in an upcoming release. Read it here. I believe that even the 300D now has support as DPP now ships with this camera.

    Of course, there are always costlier options for commercial solutions like C1, Photoshop CS, or mid-range offerings like BreezeBrowser.

    Mac users, like myself, will have fewer options.

    That article at Robgalbraith is dated 17 May 04. The latest version (v1.1.0.2) of DPP included with 20D can and do support both D60 and 10D RAW. So rejoice !!

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    Hmm, dun know why mine process so fast, 700 pics in around 45 mins - 1 hour. I am using dual AMD MP2800 with 1 GB RAM.

    Maybe the processing programs do use dual processors.

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    Has DPP v1.1.0.2 been released to the public yet?

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