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Thread: Of 3rd party lens brands and Nikon AF-D

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    Default Of 3rd party lens brands and Nikon AF-D


    I would like to ask whether can anyone comment about Sigma, Tamron, Tokina and Vivitar lens? where can i read up on their reviews in comparison?

    the 2 lens i am looking at is
    1. wide angle 19-35mm which most of them have
    2. 28-300 macro lens

    does anyone know what does it mean when the lens say it is for nikon AF-D?
    can F-55 be compatible for it?

    Hope to hear soon from you guys

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    Yes, F55 is compatible with AF-D lens. It's compatible with all AF lens for the matter, except perhaps for the new DX series which are designed for digital SLRs.

    For reviews, try asking around here at clubsnap. Chances are someone would have the lens you are thinking of buying.

    Or else, you can try looking at or for comparative lens reviews.

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    Thanks! I appreciate your post!


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