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Thread: new model or 2nd hand DSLR camera?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowWhite View Post
    I am pleasantly pleased with the amount of responses from this thread. One thing that caught me thinking, is the camera shop really give more good stuff than IT show? Can anyone of u elaborate your experiences on this? Would certainly be helpful to be armed with good examples.......anyone? Any particular shops? If you prefer to stay private, PM me will be great as well.......thks!
    IT show will give more free gifts if compare to camera shop but with RRP..

    usually, the cam shop will only give a standard free gifts such as memory card and a bag but at much better price..

    what u can do is to get hold the IT show promotion flyers and ask the cam shop if they can match the free gifts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by torak View Post
    Sony A300/350 with kit lens 2nd hand cost around $400+, which is probably the best camera u can get on a budget. It has all the functions u would need, and even has live view, tiltable LCD screen (very useful for over the shoulder and low angle composition), wireless flash commander (incase u wanna venture into off camera flash one day), image stabalizer build into camera body.

    Just to fyi, Sony A300 and A350 is better than their A330/390, as the A300/350 has a better grip and handling.
    Hmm.........A350........any feedbacks,pro or cons? Any deals available?

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