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    Default Gundam DeathSythe Custom

    Here are a few shots after a long while.
    Comments are very welcome.
    Taken with EastGear's mini Studio Light setup.

    1/160s f/11 at 75mm iso400

    1/160s f/11 at 28mm iso400

    1/160s f/11 at 28mm iso400

    all taken at ISO400 cos I forgot to switch back from a previous shoot. the power rating for the stobes are at 1/4 or less...
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    Like the #3, though there is some visible element.... can include some Japanese words to make it like a japanese cartoon ads.


    p/s: Next time, we try some burning...objects???
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    Go go, go and get the Gundam Seed Freedom and Justice models. They look cool as well.

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    very nice

    i think that the white background can be even higher key? (i.e. brighter).

    the 2nd pic foreground to background transition very nicely done. i can hardly see it.


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