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    Default name your filters...

    just a check... how many filter do you guys own? can name them?
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    Hoya UV 58mm x2
    Hoya Skylight 52mm
    Hoya Circular Polariser 58mm
    Hoya +4 Close-up 58mm
    Hoya Cross Screen 58mm
    Hoya Softener A

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    Originally posted by stl
    just a check... how many filter do you guys own? can name them?
    Way too many to list .. filters in 4x4", 3x3" Gels, Glass rectangular 52mm, 67mm and 77mm sizes as well as specialized filters for astrophotography.

    A brief list includes:
    CP-L's and PL's
    Neutral Density (single densities)
    ND and Reverse ND Grads
    Cross Screens
    FL-W and FL-D
    R25, O, G, K2, X0, X1
    Soft Spots and Diffusers
    UV, Skylight and NC filters
    Decamired sets
    Full set of Wratten CC Gels in 3x3" and 50 or so in 4x4"

    Assorted manufacturers including Kodak, B+W, Hama, Hoya, Tiffen, Kenko and off brands.

    Needless to say I only take the filters I need for a particular job!
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