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Thread: Extreme newbie to film cameras

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    Default Extreme newbie to film cameras

    Just received my Minolta X-700. My camera arrived in excellent shape. I've loaded it with Walgreens 400 speed film, am studying the user guide and can't wait to get a nice day to go out and shoot. I have a roll of Walgreen's 800 as well. I have a Minolta MD Zoom 75-200mm f/1:45 , a Tou/Five Star MC Auto 1:2.8 f=28mm and a Minolta MD 50mm 1:2 lens. A Vivitar 26-A Auto flash unit came with it as well. Everything appears pristine. Now my fingers are crossed that I don't break anything I got the whole package for $46.00 except the 75-200 lens. bought that separate for $20.00. The camera also came in a beautiful Minolta leather case.
    I have been shooting digital (Nikon D-200 w/ Sigma 120-400mm) for nature and wildlife. I have had no formal education in photography and want to learn more. I felt that I could learn much with an older film camera and the company of experienced shooters . I welcome any and all advice, tips etc. A blank slate here for sure but eager to learn.
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    Well, about 99% of us are based in Singapore so it might be tough. We do have a section dedicated to film users though.

    If you want to meet up with fellow minoltans in Florida, looking on Dyxum might be a good start.


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