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    really Offtopic here.


    But hope you guys can help.
    Depending on cost, i'm looking to print A4 3fold brochures,
    quantity should be in thousands.

    anyone got recommendation / lobang?
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    Contact Wilson at Ozprint:

    I have used him 3 times for mass printing and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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    Thanks Phildate,

    jsut gave him a call. nice and friendly. Let's hope price and quality is as good!
    anyway, thanks for the help.
    btw, are you a teacher? i told him you recommended me, he said.. "Ohhh... yaya.. he's a teacher at tanglin school". Oops.. sorry if there's any confidentiality issue....

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    another alternative - Contact Alex at All-In Printing. Say Mervyn from NTU recommended.


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