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Thread: Help on pre-wedding shoots

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    Hi guys, i am really new to photography and i have done 2 AD wedding shoots for my friends. I want to try doing pre-wedding shoots but i am kinda 'nervous' and worried about it because it involves quite a bit of knowing how to pose the bride and groom which i have never posed anyone before. All the shots that i have taken thus far are street, candid shots and for AD wedding photos, things are happening every moment so all i need to focus on is to capture the precious moments.

    To build up on my knowledge of poses i have been looking thru many threads on the weddings section and trying to pick up tips and ticks from the pros of wedding photography.

    Any tips for a newbie wanting to learn how to take good pre-wedding photography shots?
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    Try to tag along as an apprentice with a photog who know what he's doing.

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    If you are 'nervous' it is good, and you are doing the right thing by doing some reserach on weeding photographic and you should continue to do so. As Rashkae said work with someone who is experience, and what you can do now is to practice your skill with your current equipment indoor and outdoor. Very important, practice flash photographic as much as possible now when time allowed.

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