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Thread: Crystal Art Photography Showcase by Dr. Jim Frazier

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    Default Crystal Art Photography Showcase by Dr. Jim Frazier

    Exhibition of prints of Australian cinematographer Dr. Jim Frazier’s Crystal Creations

    Sale of unique art to benefit The Business Times Budding Artists Fund

    Singapore, 29 January 2011 – A limited number of prints of Crystal Creations, a unique art form developed by renowned Australian wildlife cinematographer Dr Jim Frazier, will go on sale via closed auction at Room With A View Café ∙ Gallery from February 11 – March 11. A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Business Times Budding Artists Fund.

    Since he started dabbling in this art form 35 years ago, Dr Frazier has developed it into a highly sophisticated series of techniques fusing crystals, light and his photography skills to produce extraordinary artwork.

    His techniques produce large crystal formations that can be manipulated to form a variety of out-of-this-world images that may be bizarre, beautiful, intriguing – or all three at once. “It is a matter of working creatively and hand in hand with nature, to produce results that are limited only by the imagination,” says Dr Frazier.

    These unique artworks have been exhibited in several high profile exhibitions in the USA and bought by noted names such as Colleen McCullough, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Sylvester Stallone and Goldie Hawn.

    Rated by the British Broadcasting Corporation as one of the world's top wildlife cameramen Dr Jim Frazier was well known for his work in wildlife cinematography for David Attenborough, working on successful BBC wildlife series such as “Life on Earth” and “The Living Planet”.
    Emmy Award-winning Dr Frazier is one of Australia's most decorated cinematographers for his work in the area of macro/micro filming and for developing a number of innovative lenses and techniques to overcome problems inherent in the filming of invertebrate animals. He has also received a Technical Oscar in 1997 for his invention the Frazier Lens System, which went on to revolutionised the international film industry and has been used in numerous films by filmmakers including Steven Spielberg and James Cameron.

    Jim Frazier’s Crystal Creations
    Room With A View ∙ Café ∙ Gallery
    17 Carpenter Street, Level 5 Singapore 059906
    Tel: +65 6438 4230 Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 19:00; Sat: 10:00 - 18:00

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    Default Re: Crystal Art Photography Showcase by Dr. Jim Frazier

    Additional Note: All images on display will be signed and dated by Dr. Frazier.

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    Interview with Dr. Jim Frazier by the Business Times

    Exhibition ends in March, come catch it soon!

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