hi all,

new here, m a 'lil overwhelmed by where i can post my queries.

i managed to dig up a really old camera, Kodak Instamatic Camera 155X and i really want to try it out to see if it's alive. i know it uses 126 film & i understand Kodak has stopped production of these film and m wondering where i can get this in Singapore. and of course, are there any labs that will develop such film in Singapore

so far i managed to find 126 being sold over the internet from a company in Canada and on ebay which a seller is selling Solaris brand.

and also quick question, i've experimented with a Lomo CyberSampler with Kodak T400 (b & w film) , Kodak 200 Elite Chrome Color Slides and Kodak E100 Color Reversal film. i would like them to be developed into photographs, understand there's a process of cross processing, whereabouts can i develop them?

thanx, all help will be greatly appreciated!