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Thread: Buying SDHC/SDXC

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    Default Buying SDHC/SDXC

    I need a large capacity but acceptable fast card to record HD movie besides taking pictures.

    i'm confused of what to get, what's the most value for money fast card in the market today? my budget max $200-$300.

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    For my 60D, anything Class 6 or higher is sufficient for HD movies with highest settings coz I think the write speed on all cameras are limited. Unless you are talking about transfer rates on PC or other mediums that have faster write rates?

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    Default Re: Buying SDHC/SDXC


    what about SDXC? any1 using?

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    for video, 16GB Class 6 cards.

    for photo, 4GB Class 10 cards.

    SDXC i only wait till 2TB is available.

    However for devices with both photo and video, then see which function takes precedence over the other.
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    i use a kingston class-10 8 gb - bought it at sls for $26


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