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    Hi everybody!

    Im interested in getting a Canon 7 RF as my first. But I just checked with the seller and it doesn't come a set of lens... I'm really new to RF and Canon 7 has caught my eye. Nikon Fm too, actually.. probably due to the silver+black combi. haha. In anycase, would you guys recommend some lenses for me? And how would I know that the lens I have, would suit a Canon 7 RF?

    If I do manage to get 1, this would be my first "serious" film camera, apart from the Holgas and Goldenhalfs Ive been playing. I've been quite a DSLR person for quite awhile. So, are the cameras stated above idiot-proof?

    I like shooting buildings, portaits, close up portraits and wide sceneries. For film, I think I would be starting with BW films first too.

    Many many thanks to you all in advance!

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    maybe as a starter some Russian LTM glass like jupiter? much cheaper than Leica/canon glass but relatively good..
    or better yet, fixed lens RF rather than canon 7, since you are coming from Holgas..
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    Maybe you want to ask this question in the respective forum?
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