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Thread: Newbie requiring help with post-processing problem

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    Default Newbie requiring help with post-processing problem

    Hi everyone, I tried taking fireworks for the first time at during this CNY.

    However, I realised that after converting my photos from RAW to JPEG and uploading to facebook, the sky became very pixelated with huge squares, its not a smooth transition....(see below)

    However, this does not seem to be very obvious when viewing the actual file on my comp.

    And yet, for the example below, after converting to JPEG and uploading to FB, the problem is not as bad.

    I am hoping that seniors here can explain to me why this happens and is there anything I must do or avoid during post processing so that this will not happen? Currently, my post processing is done using mainly camera raw in CS5 and the images are in RGB color and 16bits/ channel. (not sure if this will make a difference )

    Thanks in advance and HAPPY CNY!

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    Default Re: Newbie requiring help with post-processing problem

    Pixelation in jpegs depends on the compression ratio when you save the file. Try to reduce the compression (better quality) and you will find that the pixelation is less. You can also get pixelation through noise. To reduce this use higher noise reduction settings in camera or use noise reduction during post processing. You can use actual noise reduction software (noise ninja cs or LR) or you can try to shift the black point or use burning technique
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    Hi Michael, thanks for your explanation and advice. I will try playing around with the black points as well as noise reduction. I do normally save my jpegs at "best" quality after post processing though.
    Thanks once again!


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