wanna shoot in a theatre performance???


30th July 2004 at 8pm or 9.30pm
31st July 2004 at 9.30pm or 11pm

The Arts House at the Old Parliament

Doors open and shut.
Glimpses of sights and the drift of sounds.
Characters enter, linger and disappear behind doors again.
CORRIDOR OF ANOTHER TIME may deny or grant sccess to rooms for any passer-by

The perpetual coming and going of movement and sound will also feature the Singapore's premier of Pierre
Boulez's 12 Notations by one of Singapore's foremost pianist, Shane Thio

The site-specific dance and sound installation performance amalgamates into an interactive segment where you are invited to photograph the performers as they more inside the Living Room.

Bring your camera and experience the new poetics of an old corridor with the performers of the ARTS FISSION company.

$21 for adults*
$11 for Friends of ARTS FISSION*
Tickets are available from the Arts House or call ARTS FISSION as 6238 6469

*All ticket holders are entitled to free Friends of ARTS FISSION membership and
15% discount of total bill at Restaurant 1827 Thai and Stage Door

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LOG ON :: www.artsfission.org

CALL :: 6238 6469

EMAIL :: tafcl@singnet.com.sg