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    as long as it is not total negligence like leaving the items totally unattended and in a crowded place, i think there there is a case to claim it was stolen rathern than lost. so perhaps zoosh you could try along that line.

    my experience on claiming repair cost by nikon against my annual plan travel insurance. my cam and lens as damaged. Chartis treated my lens and cam body as separate item, not one item/set.

    u should include the item lost/stolen in your claim even u no longer have the receipt. let the insurer/loss adjuster do the assessment. not including them at all means zero chance.

    want to add, the clause u cited is mostly likely to prevent a person to "gain" from claiming the same titem from 2 insurers. thus, to reimburse you up to the insurance limit/cost of the item, whichever is lower. as u can only have one set of the original receipt, you might want to send them (made a copy 1st) to the insurer u think most likely will succeed in claiming. if u did not recovered in full, u probably can try your luck with the 2nd insurer, claiming for the difference between cost of the equipment, and what is reimbursed by the 1st insurer.

    good luck.
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    Sorry to hear about your loss...

    The person who was talking to you for 10 seconds was probably part of the pair that stole your bag.
    Similarly it has happened to me, worse when I was barely awake from my sleep after a overnight bus. I managed to claim my loss though but under personal insurance instead of travel insurance. Unfortunately, It was claimed with a 50% loss because I was not able to produce the receipt since I was travelling then.. all these insurance companies, I dont trust them and we usually will find out only after we gana from it.

    Good luck!

    Quote Originally Posted by zoossh View Post
    lisbon. was distracted by someone talking to me, maybe less than 10secs. noticed within a minute - too late.

    hi, ellery, the bag was just next to me on the table, but unless i grab my bag at all time while eating or sling in and keep between my thighs, looking retrospectively i still won't be able to avoid those professional pickpocket under that circumstances. i mean i didn't expect the theft to have occured in a restaurant, and i'm pretty certain that i have not revealed my bag contents (it is not a "camera bag" per se, just a small canvas bag to hold the camera) for that past an hour or so, and my wallet only have about 150 euro which is transiently and not openedly shown. i'm following the part of the insurance that indicate loss of luggage, under theft.

    and thanks to everyone who have replied. also hope whatever advices here helps anyone who happens to read.
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