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Thread: Lens to use with Canon 60D (need advice)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CamInit View Post
    The 15-85 range is shorter. I suggested it since you mention landscapes and fact that it matches quite closely to the range that you would be used to on the G11. Besides, 15-85mm is noted for it's picture quality, probably second only to the 17-55mm for EF-S lens. You can read reviews for that. Well, if you get lousy pictures you can't blame your gear, right?

    You need to convert all to 35mm equivalent for a more meaningful comparison... so again:
    G11: 28-140mm
    18-135 kit: 29-224mm (greater reach or more "zoom" in layman terms)
    15-85 lens: 24-136mm (do note that the 4mm diff at the wide end is more significant that the long end compared to the G11)

    It's your call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcticFox View Post
    Ignoring the fact that we should learn with basic equipment, Tamron (3RD Party) 17-50 @$600 is a good upgrade from your kit lens or else the original one at $1500, both are great lens with f/2.8 assuming you know what is that and the advantage of a fast lens. I won't use prime ('fix') lens if I am still learning my way around. FLASH is also great for indoors shot.
    Second this. If I wanted to spend 1k on a lens (15-85), I wouldn't go for a f3.5-5.6

    I'd much rather spend that on a decent f2.8 zoom like the Tamron 17-50 f2.8 or the Sigma 17-50 OS HSM.

    Moreover, 15mm is still not ultrawide; if I really wanted a wider lens I'd go for the UWA zooms, not the 15/16/17mm lenses that try to pretend they're wider than the kit lens but aren't exactly that wide

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