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Thread: Wide Angle : 9-18 vs 10-20 ?

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    Default Wide Angle : 9-18 vs 10-20 ?

    hi guys...

    first off, not sure whether this is the right place to ask this...

    anyway, here goes...

    am looking for a ultra-wide for my GF1 ..
    stumble upon these 2 lens..

    anyone can advice me on this ?

    for me, mainly take scenic and portraits .. and some time, buildings..
    so far, i'm more incline towards 9-18 ..

    what's ur take on this ?
    thanks ah !
    Panasonic GF1

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    Default Re: Wide Angle : 9-18 vs 10-20 ?

    Have you compared the IQ of the two lens, reviews will help you as well. I used my 20mm for portraiture but the focal length is too short, a 35 or 50mm will be a better lens for portraiture.
    UWA may also not be a good lens compared to standard lens for portraiture.
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