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Thread: Backpack or Shoulder bags?

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    Default Re: Backpack or Shoulder bags?

    Quote Originally Posted by desmondnwj View Post
    Suppose u can only buy one camera bag in this life (!), which would u pick?

    My current bag: Lowepro Fastpack 200 (backpack)
    Yays: personal belongings compartment, easier on the shoulders, convenient access to camera (unzips from the side).

    Boos: super soaked top due to poor back ventilation, not as accessible as a shoulder bag.

    What about yours?
    I go for backpack
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    Default Re: Backpack or Shoulder bags?

    depend on your objective.

    day to day, i just use a crumpler 2MDH, my camera with its 35mm lens
    Objective oriented either a bigger tamron shoulder bag which can carry up to 3 lens and flash
    or my national geographic backpack which can handle my tripod, tonnes of lenses and flash, and many more.
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    Default Re: Backpack or Shoulder bags?

    Backpack for more gear and trekking long distances

    Shoulder bags for quick access and lighter gear
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    Default Re: Backpack or Shoulder bags?

    Crumpler shoulder bag, love it.
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    I like the kata 466. Though I'll get the kata 467 since the difference is not that much and I'm a typical Singaporean. must make the most out of my money.

    Looked around in Hk when I went and found that they're actually more expensive there.

    Will get one from tk when I get the chance to go down.

    Also just to add on, really not digging the Crumpler mdh series even if it's so popular. Don't like the way the padding within the bag is lined. Feels like it's been stuffed with plastic.. Bought a cheap bucket from Hk and even the lining on it feels more robust than the Crumpler. just what I think.. No offence to anyone; at one point I was convinced I absolutely had to have one even if I hadn't seen one irl yet.
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    Default Re: Backpack or Shoulder bags?

    Quote Originally Posted by zac08 View Post
    Backpack for more gear and trekking long distances

    Shoulder bags for quick access and lighter gear
    Backpack for work, should bag when i do street photography. Sometimes i go for both for quick changes of lenses.

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    Default Re: Backpack or Shoulder bags?

    No use for a big shoulder bag, your shoulders are gonna hurt badly.
    For me, biggest will be 2 lenses 1 body, any bigger will be too tiring.

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    shoulder bag. if you can't get your camera out in time, what's the point of even bringing it in the first place?

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    This is a very interesting thread - thanks to all who have contributed

    I use the Olympus backpack that came free with the E3 3 years ago. This backpack is very comfortable and roomy but you are limited to a 12" notebook to fit in.
    I have tried various shoulder bags but like others on here, do not like themas they are uncomfortable when carried for some time.

    I have settled for the the existing backpack for the moment but some of the comments here are tempting me to look again.

    One thing I gave seen that I must get is a holster on my belt. I saw one of these in use and it was terrific. Home made from leather. The lens tripod shoe fits in the holster and is comfortably carried. Access to shoot is almost instant. The rest of the gear then can be kept in the back pack.
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    Default Re: Backpack or Shoulder bags?

    I believe it a personal preference, but I used to own a Lowepro fastpack and its great because I can carry more things in the backpack and the fastpack has a quick side access.

    I recently bought a Thinktank Streetwalker Harddrive and found that even though I carried more and heavier stuff, I did not feel the aches I felt on my body when I was using the Lowepro. The padding on the shoulder straps and back were that good.

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    Default Re: Backpack or Shoulder bags?

    light gear - shoulder bag
    medium to full gear - backpack

    sharing my exp. ever thought i could use the accessibility and i could handle a shoulder bag (3 additional lenses - mid zoom, ultrawide, 50mm portrait, flash and extra batt) with my cam (24-70 mounted) sling on the same shoulder (left shoulder, dun think anyone will cross sling cam and bag on different sides) ... shoulder crying within an hour and sent me wishing i brought my backpack instead!

    if i'd wanted accessibility in future for the above situation, i will hook another belt with additional lens cases. thats what i will do. shoulder bag will only be used for short and light sessions.

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    Default Re: Backpack or Shoulder bags?

    Think its a standard gripe for backpack users about accessibility. Even using a kata 123-go with a so-called easier side access, it does take some effort to take gear out. And also cos i carry like 3 cameras (film compact, film slr and entry level dslr) it gets messy.

    but i got back problem so shoulder bags' accessibility is a 'luxury' i can't afford. (and almost always smaller too)

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    Default Re: Backpack or Shoulder bags?

    Both has its pros and cons like everything else. Just which one suits you more thats all.

    I bought a Billingham Hadley (Small) just before Christmas and even its a very small bag, I find it just too bulky and getting in the way. I dont like things swinging everywhere. In the end, I decided to sell it off and thinking of getting the Hadley insert for my backpack which fits perfectly. Its not those camera backpack but just a small normal travel backpack. But one thing is, it gets hot on your back after a short while of use. Thats what I hate most about backpack. Sometimes I wear them like a shoulder bag but it slips off your shoulder.

    If you can afford both, get both for different occasions. Maybe one for travels, and one for local use.

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    Default Re: Backpack or Shoulder bags?

    Thank you everyone for ur valuable contributions.

    The score is 2-1 to backpacks!

    I think everyone's consensus are as follows:

    1. What's your budget?
    2. What are you heading out for?
    3. How much load are you going to carry?
    4. Can you bear with the load over the entire outing?
    5. Do you need quick access to ur gears?
    6. Do you need security?
    7. Are you comfortable with the design of the bag in terms of accessibility?
    8. Is the bag a fashion statement?
    9. Do you intend to upgrade ur gears in the immediate future?

    After much deliberation, I've decided to go for backpack with a side access which brings me back to my Fastpack. Maybe i need a bigger one. Haha.

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