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Thread: Tips for taking jobs on cruises

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    Default Tips for taking jobs on cruises

    Think some of you will come across jobs on cruises eg One degree 15 55-100 ft vessels. Just some tips :

    1) Eat anti-seasick medication 1hr before sailing off. You might be doing tea-ceremony on board, and its gonna be ROUGH. I always take ferry to Indonesia and fly....all ok no issue no need medication at all. But it is rough even with medication, esp when you are concentrating on the job (eyes and brain on anti-shake turbo mode, but your cochlea stabilisers telling WTF man?!)

    2) Bring windbreaker. Its gonna be real cold. Just now 22 deg C, plus windchill and drizzle, my North Face stuff I still felt a bit cold. In Taipei in 15 deg C environment I felt warm actually! Prob also due to the fact you are out there for quite a while. (usually cruises vessels are booked for 4 hours as standard)

    3) Bring Panadol, you will be having a heavy mind.

    4) Do not undercharge. Trust me, bo hua one....

    5) As advised, do not take it if you are susceptible to seasickness.
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    Default Re: Tips for taking jobs on cruises

    Or simply don't take the job.

    If you have to put yourself through hell, well, why do it?

    I thought photography is suppose to be fun. I did say No to a few shoots on a private yacht. I can't handle seasick.



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    You are right bro, and it could be dangerous during Cat 1. That's why its also partially compensated by point 4, do not undercharge, preferably you may levy a slight premium. Photography can be enjoyable if a job can net you 1 good lens or pay for the school fees or milk powder expenses.

    BTW you pay the levy/entrance fee, 1 deg 15 does not reimburse or issue invites, unlike Sentosa Golf Club, Sentosa Resort & Spa, Amara Sanctuary Resort and Rasa Sentosa. Doesn't matter if yours is a 20 mil 150 foot mega yatch. Think it goes something like "we are talking about high society here, you or the guests are supposed to drive as well as be able to afford, so we do not issue invites FOC".
    Actually they do, but its cheaper if the couple "DIY" since its gonna be lots of invites.

    Happy New Year!
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    Default Re: Tips for taking jobs on cruises

    I don't think there is a need to sell my soul... I don't do what I don't like to do, period.

    On the other note, If you driving a commercial vehicle and on an assignment, you generally don't have to pay for the entrance to sentosa if you bring a order slip to show them.

    However, there are many places that you are still require to pay even if you are the invited guest. ST.Regis residences is one of them, sentosa, unless you are going to the residential place like ocean drive area, most places require parking fee, especially the hotel.

    Quite a few high end apartment around town do let you park for free if you tell them you clients unit and name.

    One's pricing should include those either build in or extra depending your clientele.




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