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    Anyone has experience printing their photos at home?

    I am looking to buy a printer to print my own photos, and my choice of printers are:-

    1. Canon Pixma MG6170; OR

    2. Canon Pixma Pro 9500 mkII

    The reason for these choice is that these printers have 3 black inks for B+W printing. Anyone use this printer before?

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    what a coincidence, I just bought the MG6170 last weekend

    the output is fast but i have not done any B&W prints on it yet.... bought it only because it s an all in one that prints, scans and photocopies and other cool features that allow it to work with the PC turned off
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    Can I trouble to you try one B+W printout?

    I am really curious on its b+W printing performance, especially on the tonal range.

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    Definitely should consider a MG617, its a good investment and lots of fun/flexibility, printing photos as and when you want to.
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