ok, I'm a 16yr old from malaysia. I am the photographer on the school Editorial board (we handle the annual school magazine). Now, I have an offer to shoot the farewell party for the Form 5 (17 yr olds finishing their SPM, equivalent to O-Levels) somewhere in September for a fee. I wish to know:

1. What is an acceptable fee to charge? (IMHO my skills are pretty decent, above average, used to shooting events for the board, very interested in photography in general, use a D70 (kit lens and a few old AF Nikkors) and a SB800)

2. How should I set the deal up? As in whether I provide them with prints as well as the digital files, or just the digital files, or only prints. And then, the charging scheme if I should provide prints.

Thank you all very much. Your advice would be very much appreciated.