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    Hi guys!

    Can anyone point me to some good martial arts schools in Singapore? I'm specifically looking for Arnis, Escrima, Kalirapayat or Silat practicioners. Kindly PM me if you are one or know of somebody who is one... will explain why


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    If you wanna learn Kalirapayat you gotta wear that thong thiggie and be very stretchable...Its definitl very very very very very rare in singapore or maybe there's not even a single person teaching it or know about it in Singapore....Btw,I think Kalirapayat is kinda strange...More like a war dance to me than martial arts...If you wanna learn swordsman ship, I know a place to learn it...But I guess you want some thing like Kalirapayat thats all rounded...Also, Silat practises can be found in some community centres if I am not wrong...As for Arnis and escrima...I have absolutly no idea what they are and guess that no one in singpore teaches them...Oh well, whatever I said was just my own point of view so I might me wrong....


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