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Thread: Is this normal for D700?

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwerty02
    Thanks for the replies!
    These were done using ISO6400
    I've tried it down to ISO200 and its still present. Its less obvious when you under-expose and more prominent with over exposure.
    Its also a disaster when taking photos of stars since these are essentially bright points of light on a dark background. According to the rep who served me, astrophotography is not a supported application.
    he has it even using iso 200
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    Hey dude,

    Updating of firmware might solve the problem. Check that you have got the latest firmware.


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    i think the excuse given by the NSC is not reasonable. Try talking to them again. I am sure they are reading this already. I believe the NSC is very responsible these days due to their manager! How old is your purchase. If its new, why not try to get a replacement from the store or something.

    I sent my old D70s previously for sensor cleaning couple years ago and after that, it was still dirty (i shot on f22 white area to check). The senior tech came out to tell me, no one shoots at f22........ I was thinking, what if I was shooting studio portraiture and indeed I was using like f16 etc then.

    Think the Techs need to be more educated and professional in handling the clients since these days, the internet is such a great resource and they cant really "bluff" their way through. We are not like aunties buying vegetables at the supermarket. Even they know how to fight for their own rights. =p

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    Hi folks!
    Just a quick update - due to work commitments I can't run over to NSC this week so I have to do that after CNY.
    Anyway I think it makes good sense since NSC is out of D700 loaners and my cam will still do perfectly well to capture those party shots of family members embarassing themselves *grin* Anyway no sense having it sit on a workbench over a 5 day holiday when it can be put to good use expending shutter actutations...
    Just in case Jonathan is reading this
    I actually did a few more shots over the last few nights with similar contrast situations; seems that using the sensor cleaning function has actually decreased the blooming somewhat. Funny since it just came in from "general servicing and firmware updating". I suspect maybe the reason it was so bad in those shots could also be dirt on the sensor itself causing smudging, much like dirty wiper blades. But just speculation: I'll update all next week after I go over to NSC. Hopefully then I'll have only good things to say
    I agree the techs may need some service training: When I bought my F60 (yup, film!), the film winder was spoilt out of the box: it would freeze up after maybe 5-6 shots in a roll, then 7th shot would simply be a multiple exposure frame, you had to change film in a darkroom (can't rewind). When I initially sent it in they wanted to replace it with a refurbished set to which I made a lot of noise since it was just bought literally days ago (back then). After insisting on talking to the manager they agreed to give me a new set.

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    Jonathan is a good manager. Talk to him before you do anything. =)

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    I went over to Nikon.
    Jonathan was busy but he got James to entertain me. Nice guy.
    He said their chief tech will look into it and today I got a call saying that they are doing a sensor replacement for me.
    Hopefully that will solve the issue

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    A little late, but here's a quick test on bare light bulbs with my D700, Tamron 70-200 :

    No issues with ISO 200.

    No issues with ISO 6400 as well.

    Only happened on ultra-high ISO 25600.

    Yes, something's wrong with your sensor.
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