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Thread: Marina bay at night

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    Default Marina bay at night

    1. In which area is critique or feedback to be given?
    Lighting & composition.

    2. What were you hoping to achieve with this image?
    Proper composition & artistic lighting.

    3. Under what circumstance was the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
    Night shot with tripod/ lonely

    4. Thread-starter's personal thoughts about the image?
    I just bought my d5000, and still studying the functions of it. It's my first attempt to take a night shot with tripod.
    Please tell me what else do i need to do to improve it. Appreciate your comments.
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    Default Re: Marina bay at night

    first thing......which is marina bay? the foreground pier or the white thingy behind it, or the skyline in the back? edit: btw, composition wise...all wrong for the title...

    second, unless u edited it that way...there's either too few color saturation or too much saturation: depending on whether it will look better in full color, or black and white. night shots with desaturated looking colors...well.....

    lastly......jia yu k?
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    Default Re: Marina bay at night

    The buildings are not properly exposed. Some of the buildings seems to disappear into the darks of the night, and leaving only lights from their windows as being the visible thing in the photo. Also, this is not a scene of marina bay. I think compositionally, its a mess. You have the bridge sticking across the scene with the buildings at the back, then u also have the boats in the foreground as well. Are you trying to capture the buildings of the fullerton and CBD area, or do u want to showcase the bridge, or are the boats interest u?

    What you can do in future, is perhaps to try to select something of interest to a viewer. Perhaps you want to show the buildings in the CBD and fullerton area. This is not a buffet, the more the merrier. You can try excluding the bridge and the boat, the bridge has other ways to capture it if u want to, but i think if your thinking about the buildings, then its best to select another spot and capture only the stretch of buildings. Maybe it will take a few more times of experimenting before u find an angle that presents these buildings well. Keep trying.

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    Nice! Thank you very much for your advice! Really appreciate it! I'll try again! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Marina bay at night

    yup. Worth a re-shoot, taking into account the pointers that people have mentioned.
    Be careful of horizon tilt as well. I see UOB Tower leaning to the right.

    Take note of how the ambient light affects the outcome of your shot greatly.
    Shooting so late at night is not really advisable. Sky has no light at all.
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    Thanks a lot, zerocool! I'll take note your advice! Really appreciate it!

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    Default Re: Marina bay at night

    too late into the night, looks a little underexposed. while night photography may have the word night in it, often the ebst time is just after sunset when it still isnt too dark

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    Default Re: Marina bay at night

    To me the composition is ok but I would prefer if the bridge is leading me onto the end of the pier with the boats instead of cutting across the photo from the right. The colours could be better improved by increasing the saturation and i notice that your photo is slightly warm. You can adjust the white balance by setting it cooler for this photo to reduce the slight orange tone. The horizon is also slightly tilted and this should be corrected when taking the photo or could be adjusted in photoshop.
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