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    hi all!

    i have a malay colleague who is getting ROM @ fort canning hill. although i have shot for Muslim ROM at Home, i have never actually shoot one at the ROM Fort Canning Hill before.

    If there a difference between the non muslim ROM and the Muslim ones? If so could anyone give me some pointers what shold i take notice off? thks!
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    this is interesting! i have never shoot this type before. and would like to hear some pointers. hee hee...

    have taken indian, chinese, western, church ones tho.....

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    any married malay friends can help?

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    What is ROM?

    I thought it was Read Only Memory, but seems to have a different meaning here.

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    my friend ROM refers to Registry Of Marriage

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    thks to those with PM to me for advise!

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    Can you share some of the pointers too? I might be shooting for a Malay colleague's ROM soon too... Thanks!

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    My shoot will be on november, will it be too late?

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    Oh... That would be about 2 months too late.

    Quote Originally Posted by Belle&Sebastain
    My shoot will be on november, will it be too late?

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    Not much of a difference. Sequence is the same. Go with the flow. The only best thing at the ROMM is that you have more space to roam around and space to shoot as their relatives/friends will be sittting on chairs rather than cramping around you when the event is at home. The couple, 'kadi', bride's dad and the witness will be on a higher platform stage. I would say more proper and organised. The only rushed thing is that you have to take quite a number of group photo of friends and relatives (subject to the attendance) with the couple on the prepared decorated dias. Have to be quick cos the ROMM give you like 5 to 10mins on that. At times you may need to pose and shoot the couple too. After the solomanisation, normaly they will return home and have a simple feast either the norm void-deck thingy or just at home. Very rare on restaurants or hotel. But you never know. Hardly, the couple would want to be photographed around fort canning. But no harm asking them. It depends on the time schedule. Hope it does help.

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    thks , yes, the couple will be going back home for lunch, dun think they want to shoot 'outside'.

    thanks for the info! better be well prepared!


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