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Thread: "Shout Grenade! Loud, Loud!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by allenleonhart View Post
    i heard some idiot in NS decided to play a fool with his grenade during practise...

    from what i gathered, when he took off the pin and throw grenade, he said this

    and gets sent off to DB i think. dunno if real or not
    HAHAHA!! Nice one!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 9V-Orion Images View Post
    Unexploded ordnance is fairly common during live firing exercises, I wouldn't be surprise if the SFG-87 fragmentation grenade that recruits throw are taken from soon to be expired batches since live munitions does have a limited shelf life.

    What is worst is when these munitions detonate when they are not suppose do. Most artillery personnel should be familiar with the incident that occurred on the 9th of March 1997 when a 155mm shell exploded in the barrel of a FH-200 howitzer during the first ever Exercise Thunder Warrior in Waiouru, New Zealand, which resulted in the tragic death of two NSFs.

    Headquarters Singapore Artillery (HQ SA) has the heart to at least pay tribute to these two fallen soldiers in the newspaper annually unlike other formations.
    Oh yes, I remember that incident. My course instructor during my days in Mortar Training Wing told us about that. And that's also why I don't like arty live firings.

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